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Welcome to Mauzie's fine jewelry, gifts and art. For those seeking a truly unique piece of art.

In a world of mass production and copy and paste, Martha Mays(Mauzie), owner and jewelry designer of Mauzie's, creates uniquely beautiful, quality jewelry that reflects each individuals creative personality. Whether you are looking for a small trinket of appreciation or something to help you confess your love, Mauzie's caters to all budgets and styles. Mauzie's offers both semi-precious and precious metals and stones, both custom and remount designs, making them the most accessible independently owned jewelry store in Denver. Mauzie's will repair, resize, and remount existing pieces for those wishing to update a cherished piece.

Mauzie's offers original and custom design as well as
traditional options to update a look. One of the
few jewelers to stay true to her craft, Mauzie
handles all custom work from start to finish,
from initial sketches to the casting, setting,
and polishing of your finished piece. This
way Mauzie can ensure nothing is lost in
translation and what you set out for is
what you receive.

Mauzie helps people to find a piece of jewelry that can truly capture the customers personality and aesthetic style.

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Comments from Customers: "The pendant arrived late this afternoon and I absolutely love it!!!  I knew it looked horrible in the original setting, but had no idea how brilliant it would look in the white gold with all the diamonds.  It went from a piece of jewelry I wouldn't think to wear to a piece I can't wait to wear.  It's absolutely gorgeous and I love the R on the back.  My husband and son both thought there was a J as well -  you've really made it very special.   Thank you!"

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